[nonchalante] is the second boutique that Laia Martinell, a native of Barcelona, opened September 2012.

After successfully opening one of the most renowned boutiques in Lisbon with her bussiness partner, Laia decided to return to her hometown and introduce Barcelona to her favourite Scandinavian, French and Italian brands.

Laia is influenced by her travelling experiences around the world, from Seattle to Stockholm, Tokyo to Paris, as well as her personal background and her marriage to a French entrepreneur. She developed a sense for aesthetics early on that embodies everything in her life, with a particular love for beautiful objects, unique clothes and everything related to the harmony of daily life.


Non · cha · lante (adj): cooly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited, casual.

The name of the boutique sums up the effortless natural sophistication and relaxed style that defines the owner's spirit. It features a personal and unique selection of brands for women who search for an easy-chic, colorful, stylish look crafted in natural fabrics (cotton veil, cashmere, silk).

[nonchalante] offers the best assortment of trendy yet timeless clothes for a diverse and unique style to suit your daily life.


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